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Our customer centric and transparent approach unfolds in 3 simple steps:

1. Pre validation precision
During the pre validation phase we ask for equipment/cleanroom details. With the help of these we prepare the precise format to note down readings. Thereafter we discuss with your engineering and quality assurance departments about the type of validation & reports required. After an in depth consideration of all factors, we communicate to the client the most suitable requirement for validation.

2. Validation accuracy
During validation our trained technicians present you with the mandatory documents like calibration certificate, Traceability certificate etc after a thorough and accurate testing and validation process. We carry our validation as per standards and inform you about problems like high/low velocity of filter, leaks in HEPA filter and even solve them as best as possible. We tend to inform you about the status of the clean room class during particle counts monitoring so as to keep you in the loop.

3. Post validation support
Post validation, we prepare reports in the pre designed and customer friendly format in accordance with the industry standards. We also pre-inform the customer in case of non-compliance. Printed reports along with calibration certificate, Traceability certificate & SOP (for anemometer, photometer and particle counter) are then submitted to you. We also disseminate information about the quality of cleanroom and give suggestions to improve it.

We perform cleanroom validation which includes

  • Velocity Measurement
  • HEPA filter Leak Testing
  • Particle counts Monitoring
  • Recovery Study
  • Air direction study
  • Comprehensive Documentations